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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 15, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> a deadly yacht racing rescue. >> alan: a race around the farallon islands and tonight one person is dead, three others rescued, and four lost sea. sergio kin tan -- quintana is live. >> reporter: there were 60 boats involve in the yacht race, and one of them ran aground at the farallon island. the coast guard says they did rescue three people from the rocks who were alive. and a fourth person who is dead. >> at the coast guard air station you can see the crew of this air national guard rescue helicopter after recovering a victim of the crash. >> three people have been rescued, two by a coast guard
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helicopter, one by an air national guard helicopter. the air national guard helicopter also pick upped a deceased person. >> there are still four people who are missing. the yacht that ran aground is called the slow-speed chase. part of the annual cruise farallon race that left from the st. francis yacht club, and according to the yacht racing association the skipper of the yacht is james bradford but the coast guard has not released any information about anybody aboard the yacht. >> i heard may day calls on the radio. >> he was on a charter cruise and was not part of the race when he heard the distress call. he says it was tough day to be on the water. >> the waves were 10-15-foot. it was treacherous. there were waves coming from different directions. >> reporter: search crews are using helicopters and boats, looking for the four people who are missing. >> a high possibility they're in
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the water. don't know what kind of emergency suits they have on or whether they have life jackets so it's critical we find them. >> reporter: and word spread quickly here at the st. francis yacht club where the race started and ended. we're told that one of the crews that saw the low-speed chase as it was in trouble, is actually still inside the yacht club and they're still pretty shaken up about the whole thing. they are hoping for the best for the four sailors still missing. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> alan: and we are following developing news out of san francisco's castro district tonight. right now the san francisco fire department is on the scene of an apartment fire at sanchez street and market. one person is in the hospital with serious injuries. the fire broke out around 10:00, and now under control. the red cross is also there assisting two adults left homeless. fire crews rescued a cat from the building.
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>> in the south bay, san jose police discovered a little girl in the back seat of a car after an apparent murder suicide, it happeneds a at a busy shopping center. >> we found a 17-month-old baby in one of the vehicles associated to one of the two individual. >> ama: the names of the man and woman involved have not been released. the driver of the bmw got out of his car, walk up to a woman who was standing a few feet away and shot her. he then shot himself. people eating inside mcdonald'ss and subway ran outside to help but it was too late. >> i ran over where the body was on the brought. looked to see it was breathing. didn't she the shirt moving, and seen a group of people gathering around the girl on the ground. >> ama: police found a hand gun near the man's body. they're not talking about a motive or the relationship the couple had. >> alan: a modesto man who killed two men, including a
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deputy sheriff serving an eviction notice, was san antonio as a paranoid reincludes, financially trouble. that's the description given of the man whose poise was found in a burned rubble of an apartment building. the company responsible nor carrying out the eviction admits it was a dangerous process. >> there has been some comments from neighbors that there were weapons on the premises. that the door was heavily fortified, so much so i indicated it was the most for court -- fortified door i had seen. >> the deputy sheriff and lock smith were shot. the suspect has not been positively need. >> ama: bit been a rough night in the midwest and the worst may be yet to come. a series of tornadoes were spotted, including twin tornadoes. forecasters calling this life threatening weather, and in the dark it's harter for weather
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spotters to see funnel crowds or tornado. in iowa a possible tornado hammered a hospital. a building at the hospital lost a roof some siding. no injuries are reported. 75% of the small iowa town was destroyed by tornadoes and that's just a small same of the damage sustained today. here's more. >> reporter: this is exactly what forecasters feared, funnel cloud bearing down on oklahoma. one of dozens of tornadoes report it to have touched down across a wide swath of the midwest. 11 states are under threat for severe weather. oklahoma, kansas, and nebraska, at high risk for tornadoes. >> this is it. today is one of the big ones. you just train for and ramp up for and you want all the data. >> forecasters have been at it for hours, trying to determine the areas of greatest danger. >> three inch hail east of petersburg at 12:36. >> this is why. on friday, a tornado tore
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through norman, oklahoma, leaving behind downed trees and power lines, damaged homes, and injuring 19 people. ryan west managed to warn his wife and son to head the basement second before a twister hit their home. >> trying to call her and text her but she wasn't answering. all i thought, my god, they're dead, and she didn't call me back, and then i see them, and thank god. everything is okay. >> it's not over yet. forecasters are warning residents to prepare for a long night of unpredictable weather. >> and this is only the second time in history that the storm prediction center issued a high-risk warning more than a day in advance an news. >> let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: it's going be a long night. this is a portion of the country, you can see on live doppler 7hd, already the thunderstorms firing back up. but this is what we call a bow
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echo, line of severe thunderstorms that bows out as it moves towards the east. and oklahoma city getting ready to get hit at well. here's the bow echo heading towards oklahoma city, witch - wichita, kansas, and this cell making its way towards chicago, grand rapids, towards minneapolis. so the night will continue to be very unsettled in this part of the country, severe weather, a very good threat across parts of the central plains this evening, and overnight, tomorrow morning all of this will shift to the east tomorrow afternoon. here locally, we'll take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. things are going to start to warm up. >> alan: the warmer weather in the bay area helped open up a blocked road in piedmont. workers cleaned occupant the remaining muck, and moraga
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avenue re-opened after being closed for more than 36 hours. concrete barriers and a train -- drain were put in. >> coming up, secret service scandal, allegations of heavy drinking and prostitution on president obama's trip to colombia. >> alan: at 11:30. another big box store
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>> ama: a growing seasonal involving patriots stewses and secret service agents is affecting president obama's trip to colombia. 11 agents have been placed on administrative leave and forced to return to the u.s. >> reporter: the scandal is unwanted extract for presidenttd as the summit of the americas. members of the secret service team were leafed of their duties and sent home following allegations of excess drinking and many of the men solicited prostitutes. the evens do not include president obama's agents. >> he was made aware of it. >> but the allegations were serious enough for the secret service to pull the entire unit out thursday before the president arrived. another team was flown in to replace them. >> take chance like this and to
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compromise security like this is a scandal. >> the agency says at no point was the president's security compromised. >> the secret service in the statement is promising a thorough investigation. the secret service takes all allegations of misconduct seriously. the entire matter has been turn over to the office of professional responsibility which serves as the agency's internal affairs come pope component. the last time the secret service faced this kind of public scrutiny is when agents allowed the party crashers to attend a state dinner in november of 2009. >> if found guilty of misconduct the secret service personnel could face reprimand and possibly lose their jobs. abc news. >> alan: former vice-president dick cheney made his first public appearance three weeks after undergoing heart transplant surgery. he spoke at the wyoming republican state convention in cheyenne. he was joined on stage by his
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daughter liz. he said health issues prevented him from getting involved in the primary but urged delegates to unite behind mitt romney. >> in north korea, the country's new leader spoke possibly. am for the first time since the death of his father four months ago. kim ongoing unpraises the achievements of his mother and grandfather. the young leader's fir televised peach is two days after a failed rocket launch. >> alan: san francisco voters could see changes at the polls. they may no longer be voting in their usual district. >> ama: a san francisco redistricting task force has made final changes to a majority of the districts and here's the new map. >> the census in 2010 recooled that san francisco owes pop lying increased by 30,000 people. that increase was not uniform throughout the 11 districts so to make things fair the district borders had to be adjusted and the final boundaries were
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accepted tonight. >> this this final meeting of the san francisco redistrict ta rce, tonight after 30 minutes since august, final district map was accepted. >> i'm happy to say we now have an approved final map. >> the new map suggested the 11 districts according mainly to population. the task force had to consider not diluting voting power, and keeping recognized neighborhood intact. the red lines show the old district boundaries. the black is the newly drawn lines, eric mcdonald is the chair of the task force and says it will change the political character of the city. >> implications who they're represented by for supervisor, how the new community now gets represented. >> the census found the city's population increased by 30,000 people. as you can see some districts lo take a percentage of population away from one district to add it to another to balance the numbers. many of these meetings were packed with residents fighting
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to keep the status quo. >> we had to defend the inner sunset to keep it in the haight ashbury where they vote the same way. >> the san brunoaway by highway 101 was treason from -- taken from district 1 added to district nine. >> doesn't matter what district you're in? >> no. >> 14th street business owner says whoever now represents his district needs to take care of business, literally. >> is a long as they pay attention to the businesses and for the better area, better neighborhood. >> the map will be presented to the full board of supervisors on tuesday. city voters will fine out what strict they live in when they get their november voting packets. >> ama: after resting and preparing for two weeks, cruise in an around the world yacht race set sail for new york out of oakland. this is the tenth leg of the
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race that started in england a year ago in july. it's also the same race in which an australian yacht limped into oakland a few weeks ago. the yacht was hit by a rogue wave, resulting in a coast guard rakes of two crew members 400 miles out to sea. >> leigh: those winds, sea breezes, starting to die down so some of the bowie winds right now reporting westerly gusts only to 10-15 miles-per-hour. earlier this afternoon, they were as high as 30-mile-per-hour so definitely starting to come down. we do have some low clouds and fog out there you can see it from this live shot from our high definition east bay cam. looking west towards the bay brim bridge there you can see the veil of low cloud over the coast and heading over san francisco. so look for the low cloud on the increase overnight. probably deal with those tomorrow morning before we break out intounny conditions mostly s by tomorrow afternoon. of course, satellite, you can
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clearly see, the storm to the north, the storm that brought us the thunderstorms moved to the east. but right here the low clouds are, and they'll nudge in overnight tonight. here's a look at current readings. dropped off considerably. napa, 50. 51, san francisco, oakland, 52. 50 in half moon bay. 48 right now in fremont. one of the cool locations, and los gatos, 48. 52, overcast in san jose. so, low clouds near the coast and bay tonight. inland areas, you'll be clear, which means you'll be cooler than overnight temperatures last night. get ready for warmer day tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, we'll keep a few patchy clouds near the coast, and we're starting to set up for a dry weather pattern, for at least the next several days. here's the lows tonight. north and east bay locations, clearing, know 40s. maybe a few upper 30s, in some of the protected valley areas.
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near the coast, low 40s. 46 for san francisco, and 45 for oreck oakland. here's the story, storm systems pushed out, high pressure building in, going to keep the storm track for the most part to the north of us. the caveat is possibly on wednesday, a little system may sneak into the north bay, to possibly bring out a few drops. otherwise get ready for a dry weather pattern to set up and temperatures will start to warm up. a lot of 70s expected tomorrow. 7 very for santa rosa, cloverdale. 64 for san francisco. oakland tomorrow, warm to 67 degrees. interior east bay, mid-to-low 70s. with concord, 70 tomorrow. antioch, 72, brentwood will be at 70. san jose, afternoon surgeons -- sun, 70 degrees.
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68 for santa cruz, and '0 for hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next few days will we dry. we'll warm up slightly each day, and there's the little hiccup on wednesday. cold front will bring us a few clouds, lower our temperatures, and maybe a possibility of a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge. just a chance right now and then after that into the 70s next weekend, which we'll be talking about temperatures mid-to-upper 70s. be nice. >> alan: thanks, leigh. >> ama: good things in weather, not so good in the sports. >> mike: bad news on brim wilson's elbow, and what a finish, bottom nine, bases loaded.
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>> mike: giants got bad news, brian wilson has structural damage in this right elbow. manager bruce bochy says
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season-ending surgery is likely. he will met with james andrews. athletes keep their injuries to themselves but this puts the giants in a hole. >> i feel terrible for willy. i know how hard he worked, but you -- he says it, and we have to move on and he'll be back but right now we have to go with our 25 guys and fine a way to get it done. >> mike: the giants and pirates at at&t, first inning, bagful of pirates against zito. two runs score, 2-0. but the giants get two back in the second, burress ties the game with an rbi single. zito looked strong in his second start. striking out four, walking one, and allowing two earned runs in seven innings to keep the giantness it. ninth inning. tied at three. melky cabrera, the grounder to barmes. throws its in the dirt.
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giants walk if a with a 4-3 victory. >> a's in seattle looking to get over the .500 mark. montero crushes one to deep center. 2-3, with three rbi. 1-0 mariners and that's all hector noesi needed. a's pranked for the tends final in four games. >> we'll take a brief time-out, and hit the ice when we return. a physical game two. all the highl
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>> mike: a little ice hockey. sharks came away with the blues in st. louis. the blues slash and tries to rescue the put. 1-0 blues. to the second, a great play. we'ving through defenders. scores 2-0 blues. then it gets physical.
2:29 am
to the third. now 3-0. and as time winds down we have an all-owl war on the ice, five on five fighting blues win, expect a battle at the tank on monday night. >> the warriorsles may be getting thinner, david lee out with a strain groin from a stress fracture in his hip. only nine players and l.a. took advantage. blake griffin, with the jam. he does that to everyone then chris paul to george, another spike. clippers up 19 with five and a half minutes in. again from downtown, 18 in the first half. warriors down one at the break. nate robinson, huge off the bench. the floater, tw of his season-high 28 points, chris paul takes over down the stretch. 28 points, this one to eric bledsoe for the flush. clippers win. >> are you ready for football? i know it's springtime but it
2:30 am
can never get enough. how been the stanford spring game as keys keyzar stadium. the pass picked off at the goal line and his competition, josh nunes, looks good. showing chemistry. nunez to the cardinal beat the white. after the game the coach talked quarterbacks. >> give him the entire play book, we gave him enough. we wanted to make sure we challenged him memory. -- mentally. >> coming up later, nascar, golf, earthquakes, and teammates talking about brian wilson going down. >> ama: in southern california tonight, a dog's loyalty is being praised by animal control
2:31 am
officers. the doing stayed close to her dying canine friend, grace approved traffic to protect a fellow lab that was struck by the car. she stayed next the dog as cars passed closely. grace is in the care of los angeles county animal control is up for adoption. >> alan: avoigd sticker shock. what you need to do before you go over you're cell phone's limit. >> ama: best buy stores on the chopping block.
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>> alan: good evening. >> ama: in tonight's headlines. coast guard video of one of the people rescued after a fatal yacht crash on the farallon island. one person is dead. the yacht was part of a race around the island. >> alan: police are calling a fatal shooting in san jose a murder-suicide. a man shot a young woman in at the parking lot of a strip mall and then turned the gun on himself. >> ama: investigators say the man who shot two men on an attempted eviction was armed to the teeth. the 45-year-old was wearing a bulletproof vest and was surrounds be weapons. >> alan: forecasters are issue ago warning force life-threatening injury in the midwest. a series of tornadoes have touched town in iowa. >> ama: millionses of americans are spending part of their week wreck scrambling to finish their
2:36 am
taxes. and pressure from president obama on mitt romney to release his tax returns. >> for the first time the president directly called on his likely opponent to match his move. >> absolutely. i think it's important for any candidate for public office to be as transparent as possible. >> reporter: romney released one tax return and just asked for an extension this year. in his weekly address -- >> by voting for the buffett rule. >> mr. obama called for a change to tax cold named after a billionaire. >> the buff bette fuel. >> the buffett rule. >> it would require those make more than a million dollars to at least pay the same rate as the middle class, 30%. it'sway but who says he -- buffett who says he shouldn't pay a lower rate than his sect. 60% of americans say congress should pass the buffett rule. 37% say it's a bad idea.
2:37 am
>> while the tax deadline has been extended until tuesday, april 17th. because monday is a holiday in washington, dc. >> alan: which give twoz california celebrities very little time to pay up. lionel richie could be in big trouble. owing the federal government more than $1 million in unpaid tacks. reports a lean has been and his assets may be seized if he doesn't cough up the money, and pamela anderson owes more half a million dollars. neither celebrity has issued a statement. >> ama: the federal government says it happens to one in six cell phone users. they good over their limits for texting and cell use. here's a warning. >> $8,000. and i was furious. >> joanne kell keller was having an extremity case of bill shock.
2:38 am
t mobil told her she owed $8,000 for making dozens of calls to a place joanne never called. honduras. >> i said what are you talking about? i've never made an international call in any life. >> the next bill was even nor shocking. it showed more calls to hon tour expras the charges were now $12,000. joanne realized what happened. her son is on her family plan and was playing in a rock band. when his phone fell out of his pocket he found the battery and figured the phone was useless. it wasn't. >> somebody found and it made $8,000 worth of international calls. >> here they are scores of calls to honduras on her bill. joanne admits she should have reported the lost phone but says t-mobile should have alert her about the unusual charges, too. >> why went they're calling me when it got 500 or 1,000. $8,000? all they september kept say,
2:39 am
we'd like to work with you. how much can you pay a month? >> the federal government was considering laws to mandate warnings to customers, but instead carriers made an agreement with the federal communications commission. from now on it will send alerts when consumers are about to exceed their limit for phone dahls, texting, data use and international roaming. however, the carriers have until october to begin sending out the messages, and until april before they must be sending alerts for all four services. those warnings have saved joanne a lot of rief. t-mobile cut off her service and she was on the hook for 12 grand. >> i thought i'm calling channel 7 because i know you guys helped other people before. >> we contacted t-mobile, and the company looked into her case and decided not to charge her for the calls. the company saying, t-mobile regrets anien -- any inconvince.
2:40 am
to the family. we waived all fees. >> i was so relieved. so relieved. i can't tell you. >> to protect yourself from unauthorized phone calls, block your handset with a pass code and immediately report any loss or theft, even if you think your phone might be broken. >> alan: best buy announced locations of 50 stores plans to close this year, and two are here in the bay area. the company will shut the doors of its pittsburg and east palo alto stores. the struggling electronic chain is losing ground to target and best lie lost $2 billion in the hard crasser. ama daetz tonight this 100en 10h 100th anniversary of the loss of the titanic.
2:41 am
a moment of silent was held right over the area where the tike tan nick -- titanic went down. >> coming up. how do you like the celebrities? the hart new planner. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. some low clouds starting to move in. if you're planning ago gene to the giants game, we'll take a look at that very important forecast. you're going to like it. and warmer days ahead. the accuweather seven-day forecas
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>> world renowned celebrity. >> alan: press ton -- presston bailey talk about it. >> is it hard to design a party for oprah. >> it's very easy. she is very busy. >> and she gives it all to you to do. >> absolutely. she doesn't have time to fuss around. she gives you a theme. comes into the office. she loves everything. crectz everything she needs to correct and that's it. i love her. >> never been something you decided to do that she just went, oh, no, no, no, preston?
2:45 am
>> i imagine a lot of times -- this is what you do. you have an eye for it. and then like you said, your clients disagree. how do you deal with that? >> again, they're the clients. i'm there to really be able to give them what they want. so it's a matter of working it out and making it happen. first of all, i'm so excited that you have this. that's one of my new parties. >> one of your events at parties. >> actually, not. [laughter] >> it sounds really interesting. >> really. >> sort of a thought there, when you mentioned it before. >> okay. and you -- i was like -- >> hot dog pizza. >> a trend. for people who are throwing parties or weddings or
2:46 am
birthdays. what are some of the big design trends right now? it goes in cycles what is hot. >> right now everybody is doing trees. at a wedding, and kate middle ton had the trees in the ceremony. everyone -- i've seen so member different kind of trees. the good news is a lot of them made from different elements but trees are huge, huge, huge. the color orange. >> that's big in fashion right now. >> and in new york, which of course, i live in new york, they're going back to the classic, we just did a trump wedding. everything was in white and green. they went from this modern environment to a much more conservative and classic. >> i love that. >> i like it, too. >> you've seen a lot of styles, a lot of themes, and they just go berserk. are these still in? >> only if your ten years old.
2:47 am
otherwise, forget it. >> alan: watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. right here on abc-7. >> ama: lots of people vote for their favorites or "dancing with the stars". every monday night jeff braces himself when the show's voting happenes. this send juan of the danners is dons driver so fans are watching and calling jeff's number. >> the first night, knowing that donald was on there, and then coming out, and he was the third one coming out and his number was 3403. i'm like, oh, boy, here we go i don't know how many calls i'm going to get. >> the last seven digits of jeff's foam are -- phone are the same this a thuller number, he received 133 calls but is able to talk about it for now. i think i'd get a little annoy ud. >> jeff, turn your phone off. >> leigh: get out of the chair and go do something.
2:48 am
i'm telling you. get some exercise. tomorrow the boys are back in town. giants, it's been a terrific weekend for them already. here's a look at the forecast for tomorrow. first pitch tomorrow, 1:05. plenty of sunshine. temperatures a few degrees warmer tomorrow. so we'll look for daytime highs mid, maybe even upper 60s, as we head into the seventh and eighth inning. los angeles, mile. 79 for palmstring. sacramento, 7 2. tahoe, sunshine, near 53, and chico tomorrow, 71 here's the seven-day forecast. a dry weather pattern for the next several days. temperatures inland in the low 70s. near 70s the next couple of days, and warm things up at the coast. after the low clouds and fog burp off -- burn off tomorrow, get ready for afternoon sunshines. we me a bring in a few clouds on wednesday, cool things off.
2:49 am
a slight chance of a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge on wednesday. a slight chance right now. and then after that we're going to warm things up thursday, friday, saturday. >> needs a bag of chips. gets' fresh air. >> mike: a personal trainer. watching a fight tonight and a hockey game broke out. the sharks and blues got physical. an ugly ending. will it carry over to game three in the tank? we'll hear from little joe pavelski on eeee f
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>> mike: the sharks stole game one in st. louis, looking to break serve in game two. there's one shark fan in st. louse. the slapper gets through neimi's hands. it's knocked in. 1-0 blues. so the second. great play by oshie. weaving through defenders. then it gets physical. the third, 3-0. as time wind down an all-out war on the ice. a five occupation five. the officials couldn't break up the fights. whether yous win it 3-0 to tie the series at one. expect a battle in game three at
2:53 am
the tank on monday night. >> fun out there. really is. it's competing. need to rise up and this is our chance and our time. it's a good series for us. no one is backing down. we're going to be there. >> mike: only a sharks player would say, that was fun. >> giants got very bad news. closer brian wilson has structural damage and an issue with a ligament in his right elbow. manager bruce bochy says surgery is likely. he had tommy john surgery in his career, what bothered by. >> alan: kell -- >> alan: kell injury in colorado. >> he is a huge impact player. can change the dynamic of the team off and on the field. he is huge, and we're going to really get tested here early in
2:54 am
the year than last year when we got tested losing buster. >> mike: joe staley on hand. bagful of pirates against zito. the single into the hole. two runs score. 2-0 bucs but the giants get two back the second. burris ties the game, scores sheer holes, and seatow -- zito looked strong. allowing two earned runs in seven innings. to the ninth. game tied. bases loaded. cabrera with the grounder to barmes. looks like an easy about but shows it in the death. >> solid work out there, and zito is pitching with confidence right now, and using all his pitches, and kept us right there in the ball game, and we won the game because of him. good to see him throwing this way. we need it, and barry should
2:55 am
feel good. >> a's in seattle, trying to get over the .500 mark. montero crushes this one to deep center. montero, 3 rbi. 1 or mariners. all noesi needed. a's blanked, 4-0. another warrior bites the dust. dave screen -- green may miss games because of a strained groin. l.a. took advantages early, blake griffin doing what he does best, the slam. then paul to the jordan. another spike. clippers up 19-5, five and a half minutes in. war yo down one at the black. then nate robinson, huge off the bench. only had nine players today. chris paul takes over. 28 points, 13 assists. finds bledsoe here. clippers win 112-104.
2:56 am
>> the quakes getting physical in new jersey. first half, quicks down 1-0. the cross to baca. finishes with a goal. tied at one in the first, 2-1 red bulls. the diving header. had 15 in his last 16 games heading back to last season. quakes get the 2-2 draw. >> a week after the masters seems to always be a letdown, oar chance for someone to raise their game. pga tour in hiltonhead, island. that's a hazard. second round, leader, colt ton knost. shoots a 2-under 69. not a bad day but carl peterson, five straight birdies, a one stroke lead. to texas motor speedway, travis pass tran na -- pass -- pass strand ya getting things
2:57 am
started. greg biffle wins. >> tomorrow at night, bar are zo playing the guitar. >> ama: cool. that's it for this edition of captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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